Book Review: Delirium

Delirium (Delirium#1)Image
Lauren Oliver
Young Adult Dystopian
Published: 2011


                Delirium takes place in a world fighting the battle against a powerful and vicious disease; one so fierce it could destroy everything that you love about the world and about yourself. It makes people sick, deranged and sometimes it causes people to take their own lives.
                The American government has a cure however, and once each person turns 18 they are placed on an operating table and the cure is administered to them.  After that no one should have anything to fear. Everyone over the age of 18 will be saved from the worst illness to have ever conquered and almost destroyed the human civilization.
                Love is evil, it is bad and no one wants to be caught in its seductive and powerful grasp. At least this is what Lena knows. She is looking forward to her 18th birthday and the day of her procedure. In fact she can hardly contain herself with the want of just getting it over with so she can move on with her life because the last thing she wants is to end up like her mother.
                Delirium is an enjoyable young adult novel, it’s not my favorite Lauren Oliver novel but it’s okay. Sometimes when a book receives a lot of hype the person reading it somewhere down the line gets a little lost in all of it and that’s what happened to me. There were just so many problems with how society would work without love that were not explained and parts about it that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Along with Love they’ve lost emotions like compassion, nurturing parents to start it off.  I cannot imagine any parent could be considered a good parent if there child is screaming in the street and the parent of that child is all like ‘get over it, I’m so not concerned with your tiny human problems’. They do discuss kind of or at least mention that some mothers are unable to bond with their offspring. I feel like the psychology  in this book is seriously lacking… like a lot and though this is a Dystopian and a Young Adult novel I think this was over looked a little too much.  This is the first book however; there is a chance this could be addressed later.
                This book is however, enjoyable to a point. I enjoyed most of the characters, how they all interacted with each other and the romantic storyline though a little shaky and awkward was cute and was affective to the plot and progression of the storyline. This book does end in a cliff hanger, and not even a small one… it’s a pretty massive and enraging cliff hanger. It’s also I think maybe a pointless cliff hanger? Obviously what they are suggesting is not going to happen because that would be terrible and why on earth would anyone want to read a book where something terrible like that happens? It back tracks the plot!
                I own the first book and the third book but do not own the second book which I believe is called Pandemonium so obviously I’m going to have to convince my Hubby that I need this book a.s.a.p. so I can finish it and pray and hope and whine to the book gods that it be better than the first. I’ve been hearing that people are unhappy with the way the series ends and perhaps I’ll be one of those few that’ll be happy with it? We shall see in the future.

                If you have read Delirium, what did YOU think about it? Do you think it lives up to the hype? Also if you’ve read other Lauren Oliver books which one is your favorite thus far?
                ALSO (because I can’t shut up today apparently) what do you think about Delirium becoming a TV Show? Click HERE to find out more!


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Delirium

  1. I had the same problems with the emotions that you did. It’s an interesting idea but once you really start to examine it, there’s no way for it to work at all.

  2. “pray and hope and whine to the book gods that it be better than the first” = LOL’s from me! 🙂 I’ve heard of these books but never read anything by Lauren Olivier.

    • Ha ha ha Glad I can amuse.
      I like Lauren Olivier for the most part. I think she’s kind of an average writer if that makes sense? None of her work is… breathtaking? in my opinion… I think I would recommend her stand alones more than this series perhaps.

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