Book Review: My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2)Image
Rachel Vincent
Published: 2010
Young Adult Paranormal
4/5 (Spoilers below)

                 Usually when Kaylee screams someone dies but when Kaylee and her new boyfriend witness the death of pop star Eden onstage at a concert Kaylee doesn’t scream…
                Kaylee knows she needs to find out what is going on, but living with her dad means she has a  new strict curfew and someone who is constantly watching her every move. Finding out so many teen pop stars and performers are trading in their souls for fortune and fame has put Kaylee on high alert and she cannot and will not let it continue even if it means putting her own soul at risk to save someone else.
                This is another fantastic addition to the Soul Screamers series; I enjoyed this novel just as much as the first one. My Soul to Save had a lot more world building involved which broadens your experience to a very enjoyable level.  You get to explore the netherworld with the main characters in detail so you learn  a lot about how the netherworld works, like  how all the different casts of creatures work together to make a working and believable ‘unseen’ world.
                I really enjoyed watching Kaylee and Nash’s relationship unfold throughout these pages; I loved seeing how protective Nash was of Kaylee and how he would do anything to make sure she was safe. I thought the protectiveness of her father in regards to Nash was pretty spot on, very believable.  You can tell that her father really does want to make up for lost time and that he’s kind of surprised that his daughter is now so grown up…kind of cute really ha ha.
                Pretty much the only thing that actually really bothered me about this book was how her best friend Emma was kind of just pushed to the side. You barely hear from her at all and when you do she very obviously is annoyed with Kaylee herself for being pushed to the side. Let’s get personal here for a moment you guys, I’m going tell you one of my biggest pet peeves… *Drum roll* girls who dump their friends the moment they get a boyfriend… seriously what is it? I mean obviously when you first start dating you’re going to be obsessed but after a week or two… it’s probably time to wise up and let your friends know that you still love them… because heaven forbid the relationship doesn’t work out and you find yourself friendless. I cannot imagine that would be anywhere near as easy to get through without a good friend or two by your side handing you tissues.
                Again this book held great character and plot development; I am eagerly awaiting my birthday on Sunday because I’m pretty sure my fantastic, amazing husband bought me the next two books in the series and I cannot wait to jump on board with that! I hope you all had a great week! Let me know what you’re reading this weekend! I’m super curious! ❤

My Soul to take #1


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