Book Review: My Soul to Take

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers #1)Image
Rachel Vincent
Published: 2009
Young Adult
4/5 stars

                Kaylee doesn’t just see dead people, she senses when dead people are about to die and when it happens a force beyond her control forces her to scream so loud, and with so much power that she could shatter glass and even ear drums.
                Kaylee just wants to be like every sixteen year old girl, sneaking into clubs with her gorgeous best friend  Emma and totally rocking the fact that her long time crush and super popular guy at school Nash has taken a sudden if not random personal interest in her.
                Having been sent away from her screams before, the fact that he are occurring again rushes through her system as terrifying and she is left wondering if maybe she is going crazy or could the whispers of her aunt and uncle be right… is she dying?
                If her life wasn’t complicated enough already girls all over her town start dying and their deaths have a very personal role in Kaylee’s life but she just doesn’t know how yet.
                My Soul to take is engaging, fun and fast paced. It will keep you coming back for more as it continues to draw you in even further. The only thing that’ll stop you from running out to the book store to get My Soul to Save (Which is number 2 in the series) is the fact that it’s 1 am.
                Soul Screamers is very original and based on an even more original idea that I have yet to see anywhere else in fiction. Rachel Vincent has taken Irish lore and put a really cool twist on it. I love Irish Lore so that alone pretty much would make me want to read the whole series anyways!
                I really enjoyed getting to Know Kaylee a little bit more and get more back story into her life. It was interesting where all the little plot twists went and that a lot of the secrets that were being kept secret from her were revealed such as who she really is, and what. Her Dad also makes an appearance which was really exciting as well as some other more interesting characters like the reaper named Todd who is a total pain in the butt in my opinion, but I liked him nonetheless.
                Definitely check this book out if you’re interested in a Paranormal Romance with a different spin. Do keep in mind however that this series is about 7 books in this series I am not sure if that includes the short stories she wrote or not.
                Visit Rachel Vincent at her blog here


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