Super Sweet Blogging award

Yamini  at “The Skeptical Reader” has nominated me for the ‘Super Sweet Blogging Award’ Imageand that means a whole lot to me as Yamini’s definitely one of my favorite bloggers I follow online and I find her reviews and posts in general fantastically great. You Should definitely check her out and of course all the people I list below.


Cookies or Cake? I do quite enjoy cheese cake, so I would go with cake.

Chocolate or Vanilla? I like milk chocolate, that is it.

What is your favorite sweet treat? Cinnamon buns are delicious with cream cheese icing… yummy

If you had a sweet nick name what would it be? My Hubby calls me “honey buns” sometimes… that count? 🙂

Who I nominate
1. ZB’s Blog of Awesomeness
2. {The Book Musings}
3. Shoutame Reads
4. Pages Unbound
5. WhY.A.not?
6. Lost inside The Covers
7. Excellent Library
8. In Libris Veritas
9. Little Book Star
10. Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic
11. Twice Upon A Book
12. Prettybooks
13. The Huntress


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