Young Adult Series I Don’t Get Why People Are Crazy About!

                All these series are not living up to the hype for me. They lack the spark that makes me want to stay up all night breathing in the fumes from the ink on the pages!  Also this is obviously not meant to insult anyone who likes these books, I am totally okay with other people liking them…just not what I fancy in a novel is all.

  1. The Delirium Trilogy – Lauren OliverImage
                    I really wanted to like this series, people are crazy over it and I’ve liked everything else that I’ve read by Lauren Oliver so I gave it a shot…regretted it massively and now own the whole series and have no idea what I’m going to do… obviously I have to read them right? Maybe it will get better for me?
                    There were just too many plot holes for me to enjoy this series and the longer time has gone by since I’ve read Delirium the more I don’t like it…Just wasn’t my cup of tea I suppose.

  2. Unwind Trilogy – Neal Shusterman Image
                    This is another the longer I think about it the more I just want to kick myself for giving it an okay rating because I really am not feeling it and 100% will not be continuing on with this series unless somehow they end up in my hands…like fall out of the sky end up in my hands kind of thing.
                    Just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, I was really unhappy with what unwinding is and what it does and how just… it’s too unbelievable, I can honestly see people removing the emotion of ‘love’ before they go around ‘unwinding’ 12 year olds.

  3. The Mortal Instruments Series – Cassandra ClareImage
                    I am fairly certain I first heard about Cassandra Clare when she wrote Harry Potter Fan fiction and that was a LONG time ago so I was looking forward to City of Bones when it was first released. I bought it and never even finished it. It lacked something for me and I thought that the characters took some weird turns that my younger self wasn’t prepared for and was overly disappointed.  I don’t even remember what it was exactly but something happened that I was like ‘wtfudgesickles’ and didn’t want to finish it.

  4. Infernal Devices Trilogy – Cassandra ClareImage
                    I bought the first book in this trilogy while I was standing in a chapters because it had a beautiful cover mostly and I didn’t hate Cassandra Clare’s writing style so I thought I would give her spin-off trilogy a chance and it was on sale for like 5 dollars or something…perhaps even less I cannot remember that was a long time ago. I never picked it up until recently. I have ben hearing people go on and on about how good Clockwork Princess is and how much they LOVE the series and I hated it you guys, I started it and never finished it I just hated it. I don’t even have words to express how weirdly annoyed I felt while reading it… so weird right? Because the premise totally sounds like something I would like!

  5. Caster Chronicles – Margret Stohl & Kami GarciaImage
                    I really like the idea of this series and perhaps one day I’ll get around to reading it fully (doubtful) but as it stands I’m definitely not a big fan. I bought ‘Beautiful Creatures’ last January or December and started reading it but I couldn’t really get into it. I do know that I don’t usually like books told from a Males perspective (If they’re written by woman) because I always feel like the author doesn’t do a great job making the ‘male’ character seem believable. I suppose this would be okay if it wasn’t told in first person. I’m not a huge fan of first person anyways but I really struggle with it when the lead character is a male and I feel like they’re being to ‘feminine’ if that makes any sense to you?
                    I found that most of the characters lacked something for me as well, I wasn’t able to connect with them in a way that I liked too…I also found this book terribly slow, I am pretty sure I was at least 200 pages in and I felt like absolutely nothing was happening. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot again one day… Perhaps I won’t!
    We will have to see

                    what books or Series do you think are over rated and why? I would love to know! So I can be fully warned in the future! ❤ Hope you’re all having a great, fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “Young Adult Series I Don’t Get Why People Are Crazy About!

  1. I’ve read Delirium and Clockwork Angel and feel basically the same way: meh. They were fine, but I wasn’t invested enough to continue either series. Oliver’s prose is always beautiful, but I’ve yet to find any of her plots particularly gripping.

  2. I must agree with you on Delirium. When I first began reading the book I found it to be intriguing. As I continued, about half way, the character began to fail on me. She didn’t seem as full of life as you might have expected, and not to mention how she deals with finding out the truth. I got very angry at her. So needless to say it wasn’t the idea of the book that threw me off, just the journey that brought us there.
    Oh and I really did love the Mortal Instruments series. Don’t ask me why, I’m not a 100% sure, but there was something about the fiery romance that kept me reading.
    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this post.
    A. Willow

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