Book Review: Abby Cooper Psychic eye

Abby Cooper Psychic eye (#1)Image
Victoria Laurie
Adult Mystery series (Paranormal)
Published: 2004

                In Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, thirtysomething Abby Cooper lives a life that’s kind of like vanilla ice cream – good enough, but a little bland. Her work as a P.I – Psychic Intuitive – can be rewarding, but she feels like somehow she’s missing out on the hot-fudge topping…
                Now she’s getting what she wished for – when a client winds up dead and the clues start pointing in Abby’s direction. Turns out she knows too many details about the murder for her own good. To make matters worse, the hot blind date she just met is the lead investigator on the case. And gorgeous Detective Dutch Rivers is convinced she’s a fraud.
                No matter how great her psychic abilities, Abby doesn’t know if she can solve this case. Unfortunately for her, though, the killer thinks she can…


                I don’t know what came over me you guys, but I just HAD the urge to start reading mystery series! Don’t know where this urge came from, perhaps I’m channeling the adult in me that wants to come out or maybe, just maybe, I’m losing my ever loving mind but whatever the reason is I am on a mystery ROLE and I am LOVEING IT! I am pretty sure that I have found a new genre that I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with.
                This is a light hearted and cozy mystery that has many laugh out loud moments which will probably annoy anyone who is trying to sleep next to you (not that I would know about this from experience…) All the characters are very engaging, fun and witty. I am looking forward to reading more about all of them in the future.
                I thought that the plot progression was fantastic. I think that Victoria Laurie has the right formula for surprise, intrigue and drama. It’s educational into the life of ‘Psychics’  which is fantastic because I learnt so much that I didn’t know anything about.
                This novel was very easy to fall in love with. It’s simple, packaged in a neat little package and has all the right elements…it’s also really, really fun and lighthearted for the most part. How someone manages to make a novel light hearted when it’s set around murder without looking like a jerk is beyond me but this novel totally pulls it off!
                I really commend this as a series to start with if you are interested in trying out a chick-lit infused mystery series. It’s super cute, deliciously funny and worth checking out even if only the smallest part of you is interested in trying it out!

                p.s Sorry about the quality of this post, I’m having some health issues and I feel like I’m living life in a fog and writing coherent blogs takes up all of my energy and I’m afraid I don’t even have enough to make the blog posts even worth while. HOWEVER, This is a fantastic book I truly do mean that and hope that it’s getting across.
                HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! ❤ see you again soon!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Abby Cooper Psychic eye

  1. Takes place in Royal Oak? I grew up not far from there, I love reading stuff that mentions cities i know! thanks for putting this one on my radar, and I hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂

    Would you be interested in blurbing this book over at a new project I’m working on, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection?

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