The place my books call home

   So, since I’m not feeling very creative and I am a super long Essay I need to write and get finished this weekend I thought I’d share with you a snap shot of two of my most favorite bookshelves. They’re a few months outdated so they look different now but most of the books that you see in these pictures are still there, they’re just layered behind newer books now.
I couldn’t find my camera this morning to take a more update picture but I figure no one really cares that much and perhaps I’ll take another picture in a few months time when I get my new bookshelf that will be replacing the one in my living room. I also have other book shelves but These are the two I keep my favorite books on so I figure they’re the only ones that count. Also I am very sorry that the quality is not that great but it was really really sunny and no matter what filter I used on my camera they all looked grainy and hard to see ❤
How many bookshelves do you own?ImageImage


4 thoughts on “The place my books call home

  1. Beautiful books! Don’t know all of them but you’ve definitely got bundles more than me! mostly cuz I have 70% all ebooks so i don’t have a “shelf.” 🙂 Are these all read or mixed?

    • They’re mostly all read, but the pictures are kinda old so all the books that I’ve acquired and haven’t read yet aren’t pictured! 🙂
      My e-reader holds one book i’ve bought and read and then I went out and bought a physical copy 😛 I have problems haha 🙂 do you prefer e format? 🙂 just curious!

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