A fellow bookworm: Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson is a TV Cartoon Character from “The Simpsons”. She is also the most well read 8 year old that I have ever heard of. Growing up she was one of my favorites as we obviously had a few common interests. 

Some notable books that Lisa has read over the years are as followsImage
1. The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath
2. The Harry Potter Series
3. Jane Austen
4. The Adventures of Tin Tin by Herge
5. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Lisa Simpson has one of my most interesting, and probably one of the most diverse amounts of books I’ve ever seen a character in anything read. I never was overly fond of “The Simpsons” But when My younger brothers demand that we watch it and it wasn’t so terrible because at least there was a likeable character in it. Just don’t feel inferior when you find your own list hasn’t lived up to a fictional 8 year old.
            Which TV Characters or book characters do you like that enjoy reading? Why are they your favorite character and would you recommend the show. I am always looking to check out anything book related, even if it is a very small portion of what it’s even about!. I hope you’re all having a happy Monday and look forward to chatting with you all again soon!




One thought on “A fellow bookworm: Lisa Simpson

  1. Lisa is one of my favorites, I adore everything about her. How strange that I was just watching an old episode when I saw this! You’re somewhat right in your statement that The Simpsons isn’t very like-able as a “new” show for the “younger” generation.
    I think nowadays bullies are seen more as a bad thing and nerds are the more “rebellious” group whereas “being below average” is the norm so The Simpsons stereotypes don’t really fit today. (yeah, i know i’m stereotyping but its true ;)) But Lisa is a nice character to admire. 🙂

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