Book Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (mara dyer #1)Image
Michelle Hodkin
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: 2011

            Mara Dyer wakes up in a hospital room and doesn’t know why until she is told she was involved in a horrible accident, an accident that left three of her friends dead including her best friend Rachael. Devastated and confused, unable to remember what happened, Mara and her family move far away. Plagued with the fact that she cannot remember what had happened to her friends, she starts having visions of them. They’re everywhere, they’re at her school, and dreams start plaguing her sleep: Dreams where she remembers only snippets that don’t make sense.
            This is actually quite an interesting tale, it is a story I think that a lot of people will like but those who don’t like it will probably not like it at all. It’s delicious in its creepiness; I love how it keeps you guessing and somewhat confused most of the time. I also love that everything wasn’t given away in the first book and I’m really interested to see how things progress in the sequel, or trilogy I should say.
            It is kind of a slow book, I wasn’t really sure what the actual plot is and though I’m still not overly sure what this book is actually about I really enjoyed it. I think that the romance is probably the biggest factor in the novel. I really like how Mara and Noah interact with each other and how neither one of them are exactly as they seem.  I am hoping as the book series progresses it’ll be clearer as to what is the actual main storyline and if it’s actually something more than a romance with a paranormal twinge inserted into it.
            This is not a fluffy read, it deals with some important issues and has at least one fairly graphic scene that made me feel kind of icky… gore and I aren’t big fans of each other. The ending of this book is fairly intense and it definitely won me over and really had me desperate for the sequel which I am hoping I’ll be able to pick up sometime soon in the future (Though I feel like there are 100’s of sequels I need to be reading right now ha ha… such is the life of a book worm?)
            I really don’t want to get into too much detail about the book. All I think you need to know is that it’s really surprising in a fantastically obsessive way and you’ll probably inhale the worlds rather than read them you’ll be so desperate to figure out what’s going on next.
            This is a must read I think and if you’re new to paranormal young adult fiction perhaps start with this one. It’s easy to follow and will leave you wanting more in my honest opinion.


Side note: Do you think that five stars works as a rating system? I am considering doing it out of 3 starts or 10 if I’m really super detailed. What kind of rating system do you like? I need suggestions because I feel like 5 stars is too… I don’t know not too my liking ❤ Hope you’re all having a fantastic week! (I have so many book reviews and posts to go up 😛 so you’ll continue being bombarded if you subscribe to me ha ha)


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