Book Review: My Soul to Lose

My Soul To loose (Soul Screamer #0.5)Image
Rachel Vincent
Young adult short story
Published by Harlequin Teen: 2009

                Kaylee is your average girl shopping in the mall with her best friend Emma until suddenly fearing she is having a panic attack she tries to escape but it’s too late, an ear shattering scream bursts from her lungs and she can’t stop it.
                Taken to a Hospital after no one can get her to stop clawing at her throat or stop the screams Kaylee is faced with a real big problem and no one really believes she’s safe. Worried that she is a threat to herself and that she may have a serious mental disorder she is trapped in the mental ward until a time is deemed that she can leave, but the screaming must stop first.
                This was a very interesting short story, I wasn’t even aware it was a short story at first because I bought a bind up so I was a little confused but I probably should have figured that out by actually reading the back of the book in more detail!
                It was very very short, only 60 pages but I really enjoyed the development of the story line but I was actually really disappointed that this hadn’t gone in more detail and actually was the developed into the first book of the series even.  It was a good lead up to the first actual novel in the series I think however, I actually jumped into it right away (after all the short story was only 60 pages!! Can that even actually be classed as a short story: If you know the answer let me know!!) And I’m kind of addicted to it already but I figured I should write the review for the short story before I started getting both of them jumbled up together.
                I wish that this story was actually able to stand on its own and  that it wasn’t just more of a prequel.  I think it the first story had been developed a little bit more I would have enjoyed it and appreciated its existence a lot more. Obviously if you’re going to read the whole series you should for sure check this out. I don’t think it’s going to ruin the story line at all as they seem to have been written around the same time (By that I mean 0.5 and  1)
                This is for sure worth a read if you’re looking to read the series or want to figure out if you want to read the series or not. The short story is free and you can find a copy Here
❤ See you soon with a review of My Soul to Take


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