I am a Bookworm

I love to Read, and in reading I find my refuge and my freedom. Reading has gotten me through so many bad situations and inspired me; it has kept my imagination going, and helped me see beauty in every day, and in everything. Books have inspired me to press forward and to stop and look around me.
                I am a book worm and when I acquire new novels I covet them. I spend time staring at them and then I line them up on shelves that are dedicated completely to their storage. The words inside each of those books fill me with nervous anticipation; will this book change my life? Will it inspire me? Keep me up all night reading? Or will it disappointment and leave a bad taste in my mouth?
                Books have gotten me through fights with friends and terrible breakups that I thought I’d never recover from. They’ve gotten me through situations at home when I lived with my parents, that I thought would be the end and they have given me so, so much hope. Hope is a beautiful thing, and we live on Hope it’s what gets us through the bad times, through the mundane, Hope is what inspires us to think to ourselves ‘It will get better”, my hope is found in words.
  Image              I used to ignore my boyfriends and friends, I would insist in not going out and drinking and instead you’d find me at home, fighting my own personal battles that didn’t need to be made more complicated by drugs and booze. I was a lucky one, who found her addiction inside the musty sometimes yellowed pages of old books, and the crisp inked pages of stark white new ones.
                In books I figured out who I was, and what kind of person I wanted to be and when my personal demons were too tough a book always showed up and showed me that there is a silver lining to every story, to every broken dream.  I have traveled the world, seen a great many things, been apart off and invested in so many stories, discovered new things, enjoyed many great perhaps and faced nightmares with people I’ve never met and I didn’t even need to leave my house to do it.
                Books have inspired me to explore, love deeply and fully, always be there for those who matter and leave those who hurt behind. Reading has given me hope, standards and inspiration to be who I want to be and not care so much what other people think about me all the while I was still like every other girl/woman/child/person. Image
                I am a bookworm and not everyone around me understands me, or my obsession, my love of arts beauty and sounds that echo to my soul but they don’t have too and that is just fine too ❤


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