Book Review: Undeadly

Undeadly (Reapers #1) Image
Michele Vail
Young Adult
Published: 2012


                If it wasn’t bad enough that Molly Bortolucci (named after Molly Ringwald) raised Zombies from the dead, the God Anubis makes it worse when we chooses her to become a reaper and then accidently undoes the work of another super-hot Reaper named Rath.
                Within days of her fail sixteenth birthday party Molly is shipped off to a boarding school called Nekyia Academy, an elite school that trains the best necromancers in the world. Taking her place among the Legacy’s in the school she is given many privileges and because of Anubis’ gift she is given private secretive lessons that are conducted by Rath.
                A lot of mystery ensues and Molly is left confused and trying to keep secret of her heritage and what was revealed in her Annibus Dream the night of her sixteenth birthday. Learning to grow up fast is hard when you don’t really understand who you are anymore, or what exactly you’re supposed to be.
                Molly is a loud, smart mouthed sixteen year old girl who was born into a family of secrets, some of which she finds out and some of which are still very much shrouded and kept from her. She faces all sorts of challenges, both personally and professionally that make her question what she had known and what she had believed all along to be true.
                Molly is very much a slightly annoying sixteen year old girl who is a little boy obsessed and more than a little confused. She comes off as quite brass and rude at first but as I pushed through the novel she grew on me more and more and I started to really enjoy the story line. I’ve always been a sucker for the ancient Egyptian religion, like I was actually obsessed with it when I was in elementary school. I found that it wasn’t very developed yet but because it is a series or a trilogy or something… I’m not sure what; I would assume that it will become more developed over time.
                It wasn’t the best book I’ve read but once I got into it I had a hard time putting it down, you just get kind of drawn in and though it’s on the predictable end it flows well and you find yourself wanting to know what happens next.
                I really Enjoyed Molly’s development, and how she stayed true to her character throughout the book. Rath was your typical dark and mysterious maybe bad boy? What girl doesn’t appreciate a bad boy (Who is actually nice and won’t treat you like crap every second of the day) as for the other characters not a lot stuck out; it was very focused around Molly and all the craziness that her life has become.
                I think this is worth checking out if you are interested in the whole ‘Reaper’ thing and if you have a fond appreciation for ancient Egyptian culture OR if you’re just interested in reading a book about a girl who can kick some ass.

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