Book Review: Uninvited

Uninvited (Spoilers below)Image
Amanda Marrone
Young Adult
Published: 2007

                This book has gotten a lot of heat on Good reads for being poorly written, boring and littered with plot holes and unlikeable characters.  I think there is quite a bit of misunderstandings in what people believe this book would be about perhaps? After reading this book I looked around on good reads and there are people complaining it is not “Twilight” enough? I’m certainly glad it was nothing like Twilight and that we got back to what the root of the ‘Vampire’ is.
                The main character Jordan does leave quite a bit to be desired, I will admit that. She is a girl who drinks, does drugs and has sex, she’s also 16 (I Believe) and I don’t know if people have forgotten what being a teenager is like but she reminded me of a lot of people I knew in high school. Her Ex-boyfriend: the guy she thinks is her great love dies but he comes back to life as a vampire.  He comes to her window each night begging her to let him inside so they can ‘be together forever’ because he loves her and he wants to be with her and he’s so heartbroken that she broke up with him.
                I don’t think Jordan even really questions Michaels want to be with her or even really thinks about it because 1. He’s supposed to be dead and she’s probably feeling pretty crazy right now and 2. She thinks she’s in love with him and she regrets breaking up with him even though there are clear indications that he may have raped her? That part really is not clear at all unfortunately and kind of gyrated on my nerves a tad.  However the more she pushes him away and realizes why she actually broke up with him a year ago the more agitated and angry Michael gets because he’s losing his grip on her.
                He calls her pathetic, and he taunts her and he’s so cruel to her because he’s a vampire he’s angry, bitter, and cold and lacks a soul for crying out loud. Obviously he only wanted to be invited inside was to kill her because he feels humiliated by what she had done to him when he had been alive and because he’s a vampire. I don’t know how I could stress the fact that he’s a vampire anymore and that vampires are not good, nice or kind in any way, after all they are soulless folks!
                I won’t get into much more details that are plot related because if you’re going to read this book then I shouldn’t be the jerk that ruins the story for you.
                There were some problems with this book however and I will agree with some points that I’ve read. Jordan has terrible, terrible, terrible friends that are horrendously bad and subject the poor girl to quite a bit of peer pressure… from what we see however, she was obviously a little different because Michael died and started stalking her every night so I am not 100% on what she was like beforehand as the book does not go into great deal.  I do feel like one of her friends does redeem herself a bit, and there are a few interesting and small sub plots thrown in that I Thought made some of the other characters more believable. I don’t think many people stay friends with their friends from high school either though on the other hand at least not without quite a bit of growing up also a lot of people are cruel in general. It’s the circle of life everyone, eat or be eaten.
                For a book that is a total of 204 pages I was fairly impressed. If the story had been longer, more detailed and had more of a cohesive plot, and if we were given more of an opportunity to actually get to know the main character perhaps it would have done better.
                Over all, I don’t think books should be compared to others, that is just setting yourself up for failure when it turns out to be nothing like you assumed it would be.
                I enjoyed it, It was a really quite and short read for me and I’m happy to have gotten it out of the way!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Uninvited

  1. Yeaahh not picking this one up anytime soon…I have had enough of sucky romance novels for this year. I’m curious, though, if you are okay with telling me, how does this end really? Don’t tell me they actually end up together…that’s just horrible.

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