Book Review: Choker

Elizabeth Woods
Young Adult
Published: 2011
*May contain spoilers –I’ll try really hard not too though I’d love to tear this book apart and dissect it : )
                Choker is a story about a young girl named Cara who often sits with her track team at lunch but definitely feels like an outsider, she feels as though she is not wanted by them and that she is tolerated. I do feel however that perhaps this isn’t exactly the case because she does get invited out quite a few times by them in the book.  The story really starts to take off after Cara chokes on a piece of carrot and the boy whom she’s had a long standing crush on rushes over to her and saves her life. This starts a chain of events that lead go from sucky to absolutely terrible.
                After Cara chokes, Ethan’s (The boy who saved her life) girlfriend  and her best  friend start calling her Choker which is very upsetting to Cara as they continue to bring it up, and they continue to mock and make fun of her. However, there is a silver lining in Cara’s life when her best friend from childhood suddenly shows up at her house and helps Cara through what’s going on in her life.
                Everything is not what it seems though when girls start going missing in her town and Cara is starting to get nervous, wondering if somehow Zoe (her childhood best friend) is somehow behind it. In the meantime however Ethan seems to be interested her and things between them develop from there.
                Choker is gritty, it`s creepy and it really gets under your skin. It grips your attention and sucks you in. Choker is kind of predictable, I had figured it out pretty much when I read the synopsis from the inside flap of the book but I still really enjoyed it anyways. I thought it was written very well for such a short book and because it was so short it was fast moving and because it was fast moving you couldn’t help but pretty much finish it in one sitting!
                If you’re looking for something that isn’t quite what it seems, with a very climatic ending, you should definitely check out this book. It’s probably even a book I’ll read again when I’m looking for something to crawl around underneath my skin on a cold windy night! It also brought up some questions that I found myself asking what I’d do if Cara was my daughter, so that was neat : )


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