Good Reads 2013 Reading Challenge

              So if you’re a lover of books, you probably use a website called which hosts a reading challenge every year. Since I only just starting using good reads sometime after my honeymoon in September I didn’t participate in the 2012 challenge, BUT this is my year and I decided to try it out.
                I’ve never really kept track of how many books I read in a year so I really wasn’t sure where to start so I basically picked what I thought to be one of the most popular book challenge amount and went with that.
                Well April starts tomorrow and I’m currently reading my 35th book of a year (Which is a dozy, it’s so big and so is the next book I plan to read – perhaps all these big books will slow me down!) which is kind of crazy. I had no idea I read so much! I always knew I read quickly but I didn’t think I read that quickly and considering I usually only read a little bit before going to bed at night (If I even do) I was quite surprised/impressed with myself. Yes, I won’t lie about it to you guys, I did feel kind of awesome when I really started noticing how many books I read
                Anyways, my reading challenge for 2013 was 50 books! Which I thought was a lot and hoped that I’d even get close to that but it looks like I will definitely be reaching that goal. I am usually quite a bit busier during the spring/summer months so I am assuming that’ll slow me down a bit more too. The sunshine brings with it all my other lovely hobbies that I enjoy so much, such as hiking, walking, biking, camping, swimming etc and for the most part a lot of those activities don’t involve a lot of books.
                I think I’m going to up my amount pretty quick here to mmm 80 books maybe and see how well that goes and if I need to up it again I will for sure go ahead and do that.
                How about YOU though. Are you on good reads? Are you partaking in a reading challenge? What’s your goal and what are your tips for reaching that goal? Also, if you’re following my blog and we’re not friends on good reads I’m sad. I love seeing what other people are reading.
___In other news___

                I heard recently that was bought out by Amazon, how do you think that’s going to affect your usage of Goodreads and the book community if you think it will change anything at all!

2 thoughts on “Good Reads 2013 Reading Challenge

  1. I also had no idea what to set as my goal the first year I joined, and I joined in the middle of the year so I didn’t even count all the books I had read in the previous months. I set my goal at 90 this year because I expect to read less than last year but more than 2011. Last year’s numbers were inflated since I was essentially required to read a decent about of pictures books (I did enjoy reading them, but I don’t happen to OWN many pictures books!)

  2. Oh, I missed the question about the Amazon/Goodreads deal. At this point, I don’t know. I’m willing to wait it out to see what will happen. If I were of the camp who wants to boycott because I believed in boycotting Amazon, that’s unfortunate because there’s really nowhere else to go. Amazon even owns part of LibraryThing. But, if I want to place myself in the camp where I leave because things change, I see no point in leaving now. I want to see what happens. What I DO NOT want is for my accounts to be linked. I don’t post reviews on Amazon right now and I like it that way.

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