Book Review: Leviathan

Scott Westerfeld
Young Adult
Published: 2010
3/5 stars

                This story takes place around two different characters in an alternate universe paralleling the first world war and primarily follows them at the beginning of a big grand and epic adventure (at least I would hope so… this book is sure full of adventure!) The first character we meet is a girl named Deryn.
                Deryn is a sixteen year old girl who is pretending to be a boy. We meet her on her first day trying to get into what I guess is our version of the air force. She is feisty and she is sassy she’s also a tad cliché. She is your typical main heroine that doesn’t want to wear dresses and certainly does not want to be a ‘lady’ she would much prefer to ride around on genetically altered animals (What!?) However, I still liked her and I think she will probably continue to develop as the series continues on in the next two (Pretty sure this is a trilogy… I know there is at least 3 books at any rate)
                The second main character is a dashing, a little bit pretentious prince named Alek whose character I am so far enjoying the most. He thinks that these weird genetically altered creatures are strange (Because they sound weird… and terrifying) and when we meet him we pretty much find out right away that his mother and father have died which is historically accurate to a point. The Death of the Royal Austrian family in reality did start a war and etc. I actually find history to be pretty interesting so I enjoyed this aspect of the book. I thought that he actually showed a considerable bit of character development which I enjoyed.
                The book on the whole was pretty good, The art work done by Keith Thompson was beautiful and there were more than a few images I would have liked to have ripped out and taped… to something. Especially the drawings of ‘Leviathan’ the plot was fairly fast paced, there was quite a bit of story building in this book in particular involved. I don’t know if that will continue into the next two books or not but we’ll have to see. The story flowed very well and though it did not have me up all night reading it, I still enjoyed it when I had the time to read it.
                I found that maybe it was a little too ‘young’ for me… I don’t know how else to say that, Also felt that perhaps it was more geared towards young men. I still enjoyed it and I still really like Scott Westerfeld’s style of writing. I REALLY loved his ‘Uglies’ series when those first came out and though this is nothing like those books it’s still pretty good and I’ll more than likely continue the series.
                Beautiful artwork, extremely interesting elements within this book as well…. The Darwinist stuff was pretty darn cool, well written; this is a book that I definitely think is worth checking out but do keep in mind it seems ‘younger’ than his other work (Which it probably is as there are illustrations but I really like them anyways) and also there isn’t much in the way of a romance at this point but one I’m sure will develop at some point!
                Go Check it out if you haven’t already. I will be checking out the second book BEHEMOTH and I’ll be sure to do a review of that once I’m able to get around to it.
                Hope you ALL have a fabulous Easter weekend and I sincerely hope you’ll all have ample reading time during this long weekend (I know I hope too!)

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Leviathan

  1. I read this one, but didn’t like it as much as Uglies. I do think there’s something good going on here, perhaps the world building and the plot, but I just wasn’t captivated. Maybe it’s the voice or the characters. I’m just not invested. I recently read So Yesterday by Westerfeld, though, and I really enjoyed it, so I will definitely keep trying his books.

    • The world building is pretty neat and interesting. Some Aspects of the World building I find are very unique, in the sense that I personally haven’t read it in another novel before, however I haven’t read alot of Steam Punk Either. Have you read a lot of Steam Punk??? I’m not sure How I am feeling about it
      I didn’t know he had ANOTHER book! I think I will try it out ASAP.
      Uglies is for sure my Favorite buy him so far however, I’ve loved that boook fooorrreeevvveeerrr. I think I may have read it when it was very first released? I am not sure…It was my first Dystopian!
      This got long…. sorry

      • I don’t read a lot of steam punk. I like the concept but my experience with it has been hit of miss. My favorite may be The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress.

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