Book Review: Easy

Easy Image
Tammara Webber
New Adult


                Juliet a talented musician gives up a performing arts school to go to university with her high school boyfriend Kennedy only to be dumped by him two weeks later. After suffering through a party where her ex-boyfriend is interested in everyone but her she leaves and gets attacked but lucky for Juliet she is saved by a handsome guy from her economics class.
            I loved this story, it was such a pick me up after reading ‘Beautiful Disaster’. Easy shows you how a guy can be a ‘bad boy’ and still respect woman. Lucas is a fantastic male lead, he’s attractive, he’s smart and sensitive, he’s driven. He teaches woman self defense for crying out loud, he’s so kind to Juliet and it seems to everyone. However, he still has that mystery, those hot tattoos and those arms and abs that make you melt.
            I loved how their story progressed, how they boy ‘played’ with each other. Lets face it, men and woman play games with each other even when we don’t think we are and I thought Tammara Webber did a fantastic job with Juliet and Lucas and their interactions together.
            A large plot this book actually revolves around (besides the romance) is actually a topic that needs to be discussed more. Rape. It’s said that only 16% of rapes are reported to the police so the number of 1 in 4 woman are sexually assaulted is probably too low. Those numbers are terrifying and what is scarier is how many men actually get away with it.  Woman need to take a stand and I love that this book discusses such an important thing, I love that even though it’s not in your face you know it. Tammara Webber also brings in symptoms of PTSD and what can happen if you don’t report a rape or an attempted attack. I seriously want to applaud her for tackling this subject.
            I really do this this book is a must read, the relationships are all very real, the situations are all very real and it’s so authentic in it’s brutality and honesty that I can’t help but love this book. It’s one of the most honest young adult/new adult books that I have ever read I think.
            So go check it out! It has a strong message and there is romance between a man and woman that more or less respect each other and do not abuse each other. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

____Information on Sexual Assault Survivor Resources (From back of book)____

You are not alone-over 17 million American woman have been victims of sexual assault and rape. You deserve Understanding and help.

RAINN(Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network):
Notational Sexual Assault Hotline:
SOAR (Speaking Out Against Rape):
NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center):
Rape Treatment Center:

Please do not stay silent. Find your voice and speak out against your abusers.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Easy

  1. I’m not a fan of romance novels but I agree with you about the sexual abuse. There is way too many woman who don’t speak up for the fear of getting the blame.

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