Book Review: Such a Rush

Such a RushImage
Jennifer Echols
Young adult contemporary romance
Published: 2012
5/5 Stars

                Leah Jones has always been moved around a lot by her mom and they always somehow ended up in a rundown trailer park next to an airport. While her mom and everyone else would complain about the noise Leah found herself drawn to them and so when she’s fourteen she goes over to the airport and gets herself a job.
                Leah works hard, saving up money to get a flying lesson from Mr. Hall; she manages to get just enough to get one lesson and forges her mother’s permission on a slip in order to get the lesson. Fast forward a few years later and her life gets a whole lot more complicated after Mr. Hall dies and his twin sons Alec and Grayson take over the company.
                Such a rush is packed full of a sharp emotional charge. From the deaths of Mr. Hall and the twin’s older brother to the abuse of neglect Leah suffers from her mother and the hurt of stereo typing. Leah is a strong, independent girl who may have a few things wrong but for the most part has her head screwed on tightly and though she wants to be accepted in love she knows what she is most passionate about is flying and at times it seems she would do almost anything to be able to continue doing so.
                Her love interest is perfect for her, he’s what she needs and she is clearly who he needs. From the start of their character interaction you know that they are just meant to be and their romance is hot, heavy and fully loaded with all kinds of drama, cute scenes and deep emotion.
                I loved the airplane, the airport and the passion that most of the characters shared for flying. I loved the symbolism behind flying and what it meant to Leah and how much freedom she felt when she was in the air. I really enjoyed that each character had their own voices, they’re own sense of style and all had unique backgrounds. They really did seem quite real and sometimes it’s hard to find that in romance novels. There was just so much depth and heart to this story.
                If you`re looking to be swept of your feet with cuteness, have you heart hurt and feel like you’re friends with the characters this is a book for you; You’ll be so involved that maybe you’ll even stay up ‘til 3am like me instead of sleeping! Honestly such a great heartwarming story I loved it so much, was the perfect way to kill my reading slump ❤


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