Book Review: The Madman’s Daughter

ImageThe Madman’s Daughter
Megan Shepard
Young adult (I think)
Published: 2013
5/5 Stars

                The Madman’s daughter is truly captivating with a vast array of characters all with their own deep and sometimes very dark secrets. Filled with adventure, horror and at times very disturbing content, this book does a fantastic job of drawing you in and enthralling you with horror at what is happening and desperation to find out what happens in the end.
                Juliet is a sixteen year old young lady whose father disappeared and is presumed dead after rumors of what he was doing in the sacredness of his lab were leaked out. Abandoned by her father, Juliet and her mother struggled to go on with life and when Juliet’s mother dies she is without hope and working as a maid, poor and struggling to get by.
                She runs into Montgomery who happens to have been a large part of her past and she finds out that he is currently her father’s assistant and that her father is still alive! They together with a strange, disfigured man return to the island where Juliet hopes to find her father and reunite with him. She also hopes that she can find out the truth about her father and the truth about the darkness she feels rising up inside of her.
                While she and her strange crew are on their way to the mysterious Island her father inhabits they find a man called Edward in the ocean, starved, dehydrated and near death they bring him on board and nurse him back to health. He joins Juliet, Montgomery and the strange disfigured man on the Island and Juliet finds herself drawn to both Edward and Montgomery.
                This story is full of twists, turns, and situations that make you question the sanity of each one of the characters and leave you wondering what the real story is. Based on a classic novel called ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ by H.G Wells, this story is bound to grab your attention until the very last word on the very last page.
                I was extremely happy that I purchased this book and though ‘The Madman’s Daughter’ is the first of a trilogy I believe that it could pass as a standalone. It was the perfect book to kick my reading slump out of here and I am very excited to dive into another book soon.
                Pick up the Madman’s daughter if you like takes on classic novels that are actually pretty darn amazing.


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