Reading Slump – Help me!!

                I am currently in the grips of a maddening reading slump! And it is one of the most terrible things ever! I want it to go away…and never come back…ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a reading slump before, I can’t remember ever having one anyways, I mean I have had writers block but a reading slump?
                I have picked up at least 10 books and haven’t really gotten anywhere. If you follow me on Good reads you may have noticed this. I have three books on there that are all started and I’ve had books on there that I’ve started and taken off my currently reading list. I’ve just stopped updating what I’m reading at this point because I’m not getting anywhere.
                So, I have some questions for you all who may read this. Have you ever been in a reading slump? If so how did you cure it and what are you tips for overcoming a reading slump?
                Looking forward to hearing some tips! I’m in desperate need of them ❤


5 thoughts on “Reading Slump – Help me!!

  1. I go through reading slumps on occasion and I find that sometimes I just have to stop reading for a bit and find something else to do…then I start to miss it and I jump back in. Or sometimes go back and reread some of my favorite books just to remember why I love reading so much.

    • It’s so hard for me not to want to read everyday! I do it before I go to sleep without fail no mattter how sick or tired I am! helps me calm down (unless the book is amazing, if that happens I just don’t sleep ha ha)
      But I am glad my reading slump seems to be over now! 🙂 I was having problems even reading blogs!? now that’s crazy ha ha.

  2. I’m in one right now … what I am in the middle of reading is so incredibly un-motivating. What do I do? Either soldier through it and finish what isn’t working. Or toss it to the side and pick something up that’s new. If what you’re reading isn’t working for you, you have absolutely no obligation to finish it.

    • I rarely finish a book I hate (though I did today? weird perhaps) I have the worst time finishing or giving a chance to anything that does not grab my attention.
      however reading slump seems to be over! (yahoo!) hopefully yours will be over too. What are you reading that has you so unmotivated to finish?!

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