Book Haul: Febuary 2013 <3

                Do you buy books from thrift stores? Well I did this month… obviously as you’ll see below. I was really not intending on buying any books this month really because I knew my Husband would be buying me some for Valentine’s day and because he loves me and sometimes picks me up random books he thinks I’d like.  I have read quite a few of these already and I am behind in posting book reviews. I have been so busy with School and life that I haven’t… gotten many done and have done most of my reading this month in the last weekish or so actually.
                Anyways, here is my HAUL! Whoot
                Let me know what you guys think about buying books from Thrift stores?  Are you a fan of second hand books?
Gifts from my Hubby!
1. Warm Bodies Isaac Marion
2. Ready Player one Earnest Cline
3. Rot and Ruin – Jonathan Maberry
4. The Walking Dead Volume One
1st Thirft Store Finds
1. Lock & Key – Sarah Dessen
2. Lisel & Po –Lauren Oliver
3. The nine lives of Chole King –Liz Braswell
4. Extras (Uglies #4) – Scott Westerfield
5. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

2nd Thirft Store Finds
1. Switched –Amanda Hocking
2. Torn – Amanda Hocking
3. Ascend –Amanda Hocking
4. Beautiful Disaster –Jamie McGuire
5. Hush, Hush –Becca Fitzpatrick

Edit #1
I just realized I forgot to add a couple books that are in the picture but not part of the thrift store…I got them from my Husbands Momma
1. Have Spacesuit-Will Travel -Robert A. Heinlien
2. My name is Asher Lev – Chaim Potok
3. Homecoming -Cynthia Voigt


3 thoughts on “Book Haul: Febuary 2013 <3

  1. You’re lucky to find these in your thrift stores, all I can find in any of my thrift stores are old Stephen King books or completely torn classics/bibles and old-lady romance books… >:|

    The Extras cover is awesome. good luck getting through these! 😛

    • I think it’s all about finding a thrift store with a big book section. I have the same issue with small thrift stores so the one I go too is like a big chain of thrift stores. I have no idea if what I even said makes sense!
      Yea the extras cover is nice. It doesn’t match the originals I have but a hard cover for a few dollars doesn’t make me care a whole lot lol.

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