How many books are unread on your shelves?

ImageWell, it has come to my attention that my problem is a little bigger than I had thought. I read books so quickly that usually I run out of them and have to go out and buy more. However, For the first time in my life I have over 30 books that are waiting, wishing and hoping to be read soon.  How many books do you have on your ‘to be read shelf?’

                Here is my daunting list which I am hoping to get under control a.s.a.p., if you’ve read any of these let me know what you thought of them because I’m not even sure where to begin at this point! I feel overwhelmed… and I am saddened because I am actually 100% positive books are missing off this list…

1.  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
2.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver
3.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
4.  A Great and terrible Beauty –Libba Bray
5.  Beautiful creatures by Kami Garcia
6.  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
7. Red Riding Hood by Sarah blakley-cartwright
8. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
9. Sepulchre by Kate Mosse
10. In the Serpent’s Coils by Tiffany Trent
11. Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan
12. The Alchemyst by Michael Scott
13. Undeadly by Michele Vail
14. The nine lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell
15.Extras by Scott Westerfeld
16. The walking Dead, Book one by Robert Kirkman
17. The Farm by Emily McKay
18. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
19. Rebel Angels by Libba Bray
20. Pure by Julianna Baggott
21. Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
22. Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien
23. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
24. The Princess Bride by William Goldman
25. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
26. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
27. Ascend by Amanda Hocking
28. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
29. My name is Asher Lev  by Chaim Potok
30. Have Space Suit – Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein
31. Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt


7 thoughts on “How many books are unread on your shelves?

  1. I have a lot of unread books. I’m not sure how many, but I think maybe even more than you! I don’t feel too badly about it because some were gifted, so not even books I chose, and sometimes I just have to be in a certain kind of mood to read a certain kind of book. I even like the idea that I have tons of new books waiting for me right in the comfort of home; no trip to the library necessary when I get bored!

    You happen to have a lot of fantastic books in your list, though! I would highly recommend reading The Night Circus, The Book Thief, and My Name Is Asher Lev. The Chronicles of Narnia are great, too, and Tolkien is my favorite author, although Tales from the Perilous Realm may not be his most gripping book. Extras is also fantastic, if you liked the Uglies series. I was reluctant to read it, thinking it might not be “as good” or “necessary” to the series, but I loved it just as much!

    • I totally know what you’re saying about having to be in the ‘right mood’ sometimes for books! I feel like that all the time! I obviously want to read all the books I own but sometimes I look at them and I’m like… “nah… I’m not really feeling you guys!”
      I loved the Uglies series and the only reason I picked it up is because it’s the ‘last’ book and I’ve been putting off reading it forever because It’s not actually part of the story? and I didn’t want to ruin it? Does that make sense? However, super happy to hear that you loved it anyways! I’m actually considerably more inclined to check it out now ha ha ha.
      I think I am going to read Night Circus this week 🙂 I have had it since September and really need to get on iiiit!

  2. I don‘t think the list is that bad, at least not yet lol. I don’t have that many either surprisingly, maybe around the same number. I don’t considered it that bad since some people have like 200+ books. 😉

    I would suggest getting over with Beautiful Disaster first because it’s not that long and a fast read in my opinion. Hush, Hush was horrible for me, worst than Twilight because of the female lead and it only gets worse in the series. It’s the only series I’ve ever abandoned.

    • Ha ha, I abandon quite a few books… I’m not going to lie about that if I don’t like it I just wont finish it. I am actually reading Hush, Hush right now and it seems ok so far but truthfully I’m like two chapters in. I keep getting distracted.
      I think I would cry if I had 200+ books! I like being able to tell people about every book I own when they ask about them/want to borrow them!!!
      I don’t know, I just don’t know… maybe I only don’t have so many because I purposely avoid bookstores (In other words if my Husband is with me he often directs my attention else where ha ha ha)

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