Borrowing Vs. Buying

Borrowing Books Vs Buying Books (Should I be using the Library more?)






                I am fairly sure I’m on the side of buying books and I’m also 100% Matt (My Hubby!) is on the side of borrowing books from the library. I understand that they both have positive and negatives but I think at the end of the day it still depends on your personality time and situation in life. I am privileged enough to buy a book when I want a book and not have to worry about it, but it also wasn’t always that way either, so I think I’ve developed a fairly good understanding of both sides of that story.
                Borrowing books from the Library is fantastic! You may not have to ‘pay’ for the books you rent (Unless your late) but you are technically paying for them in your taxes. So if I’m already paying for them anyways, I am no stranger to delving in and finding something random, not on my reading list, maybe even a little obscure and getting into it. Borrowing from the Library also stops the risk of buying a book that I would have regretted buying potentially but also the truth of it is it also stops me from owning a book that I enjoyed. I know I could just go out to the store and buy the book but I have a hard time buying something I’ve already read when there are millions of other books that I haven’t read and want to: So many books, so little time? Borrowing them also allows me to have actual living space in my apartment. If I had a giant house I’d probably be all for owning every book I’ve ever read despite if it’s good or bad.  You also run the risk that the book will be missing pages, and that you’ll have to wait a hundred billion years for a new release (Exaggeration I know) and to me is almost as frustrating as finding pages… pages of books that are covered in what I hope is chocolate.
                Buying books on the other hand gives me the ability to pull them off the shelf whenever I darn well want to. It means I can stair at them, smell them, and touch them, just over all brag about my collection whenever the mood strikes me. That also means I have very little space for books. I have more than two big book shelves full and it’s to the point where I purge my books every six months or so and a great deal of ones I found less than stellar find themselves in charity shops or thrift stores. I also think buying books makes you more open to a large selection of them. Stores and the internet combined leave at my fingertips millions of books to choose from, that being said I have to do my research. I try very hard not to buy a book I don’ think I’ll enjoy. It does happen from time to time but because I actually research now I find it happens less often. I will admit buying books is pretty expensive. In Canada the average young adult novel ranges from 9.99 to 11.99 and adult novels ten to be twice that (unless they are the small compact pocket novels of course… or on sale… love sales). People also want to know about the books I read because I have so many of them and that also unfortunately leads them into asking me if they can borrow them. It’s not that I don’t like lending out books it’s just that I hate waiting forever for them to be returned or when they’re never returned. A friend of mine has every single one of my John Green books and I want them back! I haven’t finished paper towns darn it!
                All in all it’s kind of hard to say which one is better, or if either one of them is better I don’t really know. I kind of just take it as it is. Sometimes I just want to own every single book ever written and other times I can’t be bothered to spend money on them and put my money towards makeup and clothing (Which I am also obsessed with) or even the occasional video game I can play with my Husband. I think there are different stages for book buying and borrowing, I think it depends on where you are and who you are in life. What do you think? Do you prefer to borrow books or do you prefer to buy them like I do?


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