Book Review: Eon

Alison Goodman7261699

Sixteen-year-old Eon has a dream, and a mission. For years, he’s been studying sword-work and magic, toward one end. He and his master hope that he will be chosen as a Dragoneye-an apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune.
But Eon has a dangerous secret. He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who has been masquerading as a twelve-year-old boy. Females are forbidden to use Dragon Magic; if anyone discovers she has been hiding in plain sight, her death is assured.
When Eon’s secret threatens to come to light, she and her allies are plunged into grave danger and a deadly struggle for the Imperial throne. Eon must find the strength and inner power to battle those who want to take her magic…and her life

Alison Goodman has created an intelligent world, filled with magic, desire, ambition, deceit and everything fun and awesome that creates a beautiful and fun plot. She manages to capture you from the beginning, drawing you into a world with many historical elements that have been woven together to create the world of the Dragoneyes.
Eona is a well written character despite her obvious blind spots to the world around her; I believe that she is intelligent and a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for.  I love Lady Dela, her backstory and everything about her is pretty interesting! She was not someone that I expected!  She was a gem hidden in the story line as well as the characters Ryko and Prince Rygo.
Alison Goodman did her homework, developing and intertwining many different cultures (Mostly the history of China and Japan) to make a believable world called the Celestial Dragons. She honestly did such a great job; I cannot recommend this novel enough even just based on the world building alone. It’s just so detailed… and amazing and just draws you in.
I Found the story line a little bit slow at first but honestly it did not take me long to get sucked in and totally absorbed in the story line (I will admit with the holidays it was pretty hard to find time to tuck myself into bed and read it!) and did not want to eve put it down!
I will recommend this book for sure to anyone looking for a less girly/feminine main female character, anyone looking for action packed fantasy without a lot of romance (Or any at all)
I have also bought the sequel this week so I will be looking into checking that out a.s.a.p.! I have heard there is more romance in the second book (Yay!) so looking forward to that for sure!


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