Graceling Review

Graceling (Graceling Realm #1)         Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Author: Kristin Cashore


What I liked about this book
-I liked how face paced it was, there was no slow moments at all for me. I believe that’s what made this an exceptional book for me, It’s rarely I’m up ‘til 2am reading a novel 3 days in a row.
-I enjoyed the plot development: that the book went to places I didn’t except
-I enjoyed the characters, they were all basically witty, funny and clever.
-I enjoyed the romance; the subtle way in which Katsa realized she was in love (Is this considered a spoiler?)
-I loved Katsa for the most part, how fiercely independent and caring that she is. I loved her loyalty.
-I loved how many different ‘graces’ there was and how no one seemed to be exactly the same way as the others.
-I love, love, loved the premise of King Luek—Just thought he was really cool…ya..
-Prince Po… His grace was as well pretty neat and much different than Katsa’s in a surprising way (To me)
-Thought Kristin Cashore did a fantastic job with the world and how the characters and kingdoms interacted with each other. Great first novel

What I didn’t like about this book
-That is had to end…
-That there are 7 kingdoms? There’s always seven kingdoms or rings or something…
-How independent Katsa was (I know how can I both like and not like it) though I liked that about her, it was a little cliché however she still made for an enjoyable character that you couldn’t help
but love.

Would I Recommend this book?
YES! Of course I’d recommend this book! I thought it was a fantastic read. Hands down if you like adventure, magic and a splash of romance this is a book for you.  I did give it 4 out of 5 stars didn’t I?
I’ll probably even read it again at some point… craziness.
P.s I’d recommend Tamora Peirce if you like this book… I read her a lot when I was younger and the main characters have a lot of the same strengths with a splash of different kinds of weaknesses.

Favorite Characters
Prince Po- He`s just such a sweetie
Prince Raffin- He’s just so funny…comic relief in times when it’s needed
Princess Bitterblue- She’s so cute, and her character actually developed quit a bit in a short amount of time.

Thoughts on story as a whole
Thought it was a fantastic debut book, Kristin Cashore has fantastic writing skills. Story was fast paced, consistent, such an enjoyable read for sure one of my favorite books I’ve read in 2012. Characters were great, story line was great, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I find most books do not live up to their expected hype but this surpassed my expectations. Will recommend to my friends and probably convince my husband to read it I love it so much.  

Will I read the Sequels?
I am not actually sure if I will read the sequels…at least not right away as each book is a standalone for the most part. I will for sure check out `Bitterblue` as the main characters are mentioned in that book I believe however the novel ‘Fire’ seems to take a completely different turn for the other two books. Basically, I will read them… just not right away (besides I have a billion other books to read


4 thoughts on “Graceling Review

  1. I love this series! I was a little iffy about Fire but I loved it once I started reading it. I haven’t read Bitterblue yet, but hopefully I’ll get it for Xmas so I can find out what happens next :). Glad yo uenjoyed Graceling! 🙂

    • OH really? I’ve been hearing so many mixed reviews about Fire! Bitterblue I think will be good? I liked her character in Graceling but I’m usually pretty iffy about spin off novels 🙂
      Hope you get it for Christmas!

  2. I really loved Graceling, too! It has a great plot, great characters, a great voice! My one complaint was also, to a degree, Katsa’s independence in that I think she occasional confused being selfish with being independent. And the book seemed to portray it as independence rather than selfishness as well.

    Fire was my least favorite of the series, but after reading all three I do think it makes sense to read it before Bitterblue, although I admit there are rather minor reasons for doing so. Bitterblue will certainly make sense without it.

    • Hmm maybe I should read Fire to make sure I don’t miss anything… I wouldn’t want to take away from the series because I’m unsure about one of the books!

      It is actually one of the best books i have read in recent years I think 🙂

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