Five Bad Book Habits

Five book habits I wish I had more willpower over breaking

  1. Reading the last chapter first! I hate that I do this but sometimes when I feel pressed for time or when a book looks good but I haven’t heard much about it I read the last chapter first, I’m especially bad for this if I’m standing in a book store.
  2. Skipping ahead. The chapter is so good, the plot is so amazing, the characters are shouting in your face to hurry up and find out what happens to them already and you find your fingers turning the pages a couple chapters and then you realise what you’ve done and you’re disappointed and the story is now lacking because you’ve spoiled it for yourself. I probably do this one the most… yeah… my husband makes fun of me for this.
  3. Buying new books when I’m reading a book or have a stack of books that I haven’t bothered to read. This one isn’t as bad as others because in all likely hood they’ll all be read… or kind of read in the future, which leads me to number 4.
  4. I sometimes start books and never, ever, finish them…I know it’s terrible and I hate, hate, hate doing this because sometimes I do this to books I enjoy! I know! Who doesn’t finish a book they enjoy? Me I guess, but surely I’m not the only one out there.
  5. I am also crazy when I am absorbed and enthralled with a book, I’ll read it so fast that I’m probably out of breathe when I’m done. Then the book is over and it was such a torrid affair I kind of feel like I’ve cheated myself out of something that could have been MUCH more enjoyable if I had just you know… actually taken the time to enjoy it more.

4 thoughts on “Five Bad Book Habits

  1. I read the last few pages of a book when I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to read it. I agree that buying books when you’re not finished isn’t a really a problem. More books are more better!

  2. I think most readers have the same bad habits, except for the first one. How can you possibly read the end first?!?!?!?!?! My cousin does this. When I recommend a book to her I tell her she only gets to read it if she promises to read it front to back without reading the ending first. Drives her crazy.

    • Ha ha, I don’t have to do it every time I pick up a book at least! I’m considerably better at controlling the urge to read the last chapter now. The good thing for me about it is that it won’t ruin the story for me. You could tell me every detail about the book and I’d still enjoy it 🙂

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