December Books

I am really looking forward to reading these two books this December. I am sure I’ll be reading more than that however, as I am currently reading Foreign Bodies by Robin Cook and I on average read 4-5 books a month, so even with Robin Cook’s novel I still have room for 2ish more.
So the First one is called Legend by Marie Lu and I have honestly been looking forward to reading this book for so long and I feel kind of ridiculous waiting so long to read it so I’ll probably start this book tomorrow or Sunday if I can (I am busy with quite a bit of family and Christmas partyish stuff)
THEN! So excited The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton… I HAVE BEEN WAITING ever so patiently for her to release another novel. She is hands down one of my favorite adult novel writers. I always find myself engrossed in her work to the point I CANNOT put her novels down. So this will be uuuber awesome as the other three novels she has written. I won’t be able to read this book ‘til later in the month as my Husband bought it for me as a Christmas gift : )
So tonight I’ll probably snuggle up and read the rest of Foreign Bodies while my Husband reads A storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin (book #3 in ‘A Song of ice and fire’ series) and drink my delicious Tim Horton’s hot chocolate in it’s very cute Christmas cup!.  YUMImage


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