Some of my Christmas Tree Decorations

I LOVE Christmas, sooo much. Everything about it makes my heart flutter, it’s like falling in love for the first time every year!. Twinkling lights, snow, hot coco, snuggles and kisses ah, it’s marvelous and beautiful and THIS year I get to celebrate it for the first time as a wife! How awesome is that?
Sooo… Because I love Christmas, I figured I’d share some of our Christmas Decorations hanging on our tree that have some meaning!IMG_1528 This one is for this year obviously! It’s for our first married Christmas. I personally like the one we bought the first year we got together but unfortunately couldn’t find any like it that weren’t exactly the same. So this one is really cute I think and Matt picked it out so it makes it special anyways! we both love snow and Christmas so it’s pretty darn near perfect I just wish it was more elegant?
168946_10150381978470716_1880782_nThis is the one we got the first year we were together. It says “the love we share is the greatest gift of all.” And I just love it, i thought it was perfect and cute and fantastic. This one and the previous decoration are from the Hallmark collection. I am a huge fan of Hallmarks decorations, they are generally better quality and are not as cheap looking as others.
IMG_1524IMG_1489 These two are also really cute and the detail amazes me. The reindeer has a mistletoe bow and even eyelashes! aaaah so cute! I am not sure who these are made buy because the lady didn’t have her name on the bag or a card in it or anything. I bought these at a Christmas craft fair I went too with Matt’s mom for about 15 dollars combined? I think I scored pretty big on these two cuties and even Matt said they were cute… which is saying’ something because he thinks my Christmas obsession is crazy.


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